Is Magnesium Good for you?

How and why magnesium is good for you

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is responsible for over approximately 1,000  biochemical reactions in the body.  Magnesium is good for you in so many ways: it is vital for energy production, muscular and enzyme function, and neural transmission.  It is also necessary for digestion, bone repair and growth and cellular rejuvenation.  The brain, heart, kidneys, adrenal glands, nervous system and muscular system all would not function properly without magnesium.

Unfortunately, due to our modern way of processing food and inorganic farming practices, our food has less magnesium in it than it has in the past.   Stress, certain medications, strenuous exercise and too much calcium in the diet can also contribute to magnesium depletion.  A balanced diet rich in whole foods is a good way to ensure magnesium intake but many people have realized that taking a magnesium supplement is good and necessary to get proper amounts of magnesium.

Most magnesium is stored in the body’s tissues so leg cramps or muscle twitches are a sure-fire sign that you have become deficient.  However other tell-tale signs are low energy, anxiety, constipation, difficulty sleeping, abnormal heart rhythm, weak bones and hormonal issues to name a few.  Because magnesium is responsible for so much that goes on in the body (approximately 80%!), it is essential for optimum health.

Avoid magnesium supplements that include magnesium in an inorganic oxide form – it is less expensive but it comes at a large cost because it is not absorbed well.  When decided which magnesium supplement is good for you, stick with an ionic magnesium citrate such as MAG365 or a pure magnesium bisglycinate such as PrizMAG for optimum results.


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