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We’re so thankful for all the amazing Magnesium reviews our loyal customers leave on our website… Yes, it makes us feel really good that they’re happy and receiving the results they were hoping for. 


Of course we hope you are feeling calm, and your magnesium reviews make us feel good. (When the results our customers receive exceed their expectations, we do a little happy jiggle in the office…). But there’s more to it.


At ITL Health, it’s our mission to bring you award-winning ionic magnesium citrate powder enriched with vitamins D3, K2, C, B6, boron, zinc, and potassium. Because magnesium is such a powerful element, it’s not unusual for users to see amazing benefits. Here’s what we learned from some of our customers who provided natural and calm magnesium reviews:


“I have taken it every evening for a week and by the 3rd day my sleep had really improved. After around an hour I dropped off and slept through until morning. My joints have also improved.” - Jo Beaumont


“I can feel confident that what I am putting in my body is safe as there are no fillers or chemicals, just 100% goodness!!! Would recommend Natural Calm Magnesium to anyone!” - Janet Everest

We’d love YOUR opinion on our calm and natural magnesium products:

Your feedback is important to us and to other people who are trying to choose the best calm and natural magnesium supplement.  If you bought a product from us that helped you, we’d love to hear about it. 


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Here are more reasons to Buy our Magnesium Supplements Online:


You might benefit from MAG365 BF if:

  • You are concerned about your bone health.
  • You want to put your heart health first.
  • You have calcium build-up or calcification symptoms (cataracts, bone spurs, joint issues, Atherosclerosis, kidney stones, gallstones, some breast lumps, increased bone fractures)
  • You want a magnesium supplement that also has immune-boosting ingredients.
  • You are having menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms.
  • You notice hormonal fluctuations or have hormone-related symptoms such as PMS, bloating, emotional outbursts, and related symptoms.
  • You want to strengthen your prostate and keep your testosterone levels stable as you get older. MAG365 BF Exotic Lemon has a naturally mild citrus flavour (due to the naturally existing flavour of the magnesium), mixed with a faint herbal flavour.
MAG365 BF    
MAG365BF plus Calcium     
MAG365 Kids


love love love Mag365!!!
I find it super for sleep, I'm a good sleeper as it is but I find my sleep is deeper and I feel more rested in the morning after taking this the night before. Magnesium is really important for nervous system function and lets face it, which of us isn't stressed at some point! I find it great and would highly recommend!
Sinead C.

I was recommended mag365 for a few symptoms (mainly IBS) I've suffered with for many years, which have gotten worse over past year. I've been to doctors & specialists with nothing working for me. Mag 365 has helped so much. I'm so grateful for mag365, it really has worked for me. Thanks mag365
- Aoibheann F.

MAG365 has literally changed my life! I train 10 times a week and the speed of muscle recovery (even just to relax the body and muscles after a long day) after drinking this product is amazing. I drink it right before bed and the sleep you have after it is brilliant. You wake up knowing you have actually slept the hours, not just lying there! Couldn't recommend enough. I'm a physio and I recommend this produce at least 4 times a day
- Colin T.

I’m confident to say MAG365 is the best magnesium in the word, as a fitness competitor I’m using it every day. It helps me to avoid cramping, giving my daily energy, helps with the quick recovery. It also helps me to never feel tired or low in energy. I feel the different since I’ve started using this product and I don’t want to live without MAG365 anymore.:)
Adrienn C.


I started using Mag365 6 weeks ago. I bought exotic lemon and the flavour is so nice. my overall system has improved. i have more energy at work and my sleep has improved dramatically. I feel i and sleeping longer , no more restless legs and just feel great.
if you aren't sure or feel it's just another supplement on the market I assure you it's not. buy it and you will see the difference
Mary Q.

Love Mag 365 BF.  It has really helped to reduce headaches and gives me a great nights sleep. 
- Aileen C.

I started taking the BF formula more then a year and a half ago. It helped clearing my ovarian cysts and improved my bone density to 4.4. I have more energy then ever and I can say it makes me happier
- Georgiana S.

MAG365 BF plus Calcium

I've always been on a calcium supplement from my doctor but by bone density didn't improve until I found MAG365 BF plus calcium.  So grateful for this great product.
- Debbie B.

MAG365 Kids

My son has been taking this magnesium supplement for about three months now and enjoys drinking it with a little juice diluted with water. He is a very active 4.5 year old and I find his focus and attention to certain activities has definitely improved. He is sleeping better and hasn't complained of bad dreams this whole time. He had been struggling adjusting to this new way of life, without school and friends, and I feel as if this supplement helped ease his anxieties and transition better.
- Gloria.

Finally a Magnesium for kids that Tastes great my kids love it! It helps their sleep, bowel movements, and overall good mood. I am so thankful for this product and Highly recommend it!
Flo J.


Wow! Can’t get over how amazing this PrizMAG (Magnesium bisglycinate) product is, especially as I’m someone who has been taking various forms of magnesium capsules for years. What I didn’t know previously, was that when you combine magnesium with glycine the results are dramatic!
I’ve only been taking PrizMAG for just over 1 month, and already seeing improvements in my stress levels, my sleep quality and my waking energy (no longer reliant on the morning coffee!). The regular headaches/migraines I was accustomed to are practically gone, and when I looked into the benefits of glycine further, I now also understand why my joint pain has disappeared!
This is an excellent product, no nasty ingredients, and good value for money
Sarah L.

Love my Prizmag magnesium supplements. When taking, i take one in the evening time close to bedtime as it aids a more restful sleep.
Aifric R.


I love PrizMAG plus for so many reasons.  It helps me sleep, it helps me manage my stress and I know that the added K and D vitamins are needed for my bone health.  Thanks for making such a top notch supplement!


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