MAG365 BF - Bone Support Supplements

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How can MAG365 BF benefit you?

MAG365 BF is formulated to take your dietary calcium and help absorb it into the right places - your bones and teeth.  For optimum bone support, we've combined our award-winning ionic magnesium citrate with the Vitamins c, K2 (trans MK7), B6, and D plus minerals potassium, zinc and boron to work together in order to keep your bones strong. 

MAG365 BF plus Calcium is the same great formula with the addition of calcium for those that have difficultly absorbing calcium. 

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MAG365 Kids

MAG365 Magnesium Supplement for Kids - Passionfruit flavour


MAG365 BF Exotic Lemon

MAG365 BF Exotic Lemon - Magnesium Supplement with added vitamins and minerals. 


MAG365 BF Natural

MAG365 Bone support formula with D3, K2, Zinc and more.


MAG365 BF Plus Calcium

MAG365 BF plus Calcium Bone Support Formulation


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