Magnesium Bisglycinate: What you should know before buying a supplement

magnesium bisglycinate Let’s be honest: supplements can be pricey. But can you really put a price on your health? A quality magnesium bisglycinate supplement, taken consistently and in the correct serving has the potential to keep your body and mind healthier, fitter, and younger for longer. That makes it a powerful investment in your health.


But how do you choose a good magnesium supplement? How can I tell if a product is pure or not?

“Elemental Magnesium” versus PrizMAG Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate

When a manufacturer makes a magnesium bisglycinate supplement, they start with magnesium oxide. This is the best choice, as magnesium oxide easily transforms into magnesium bisglycinate in a process that reduces and attaches to glycine, an amino acid. 


Magnesium bisglycinate is a pure, bioavailable form of magnesium, which is available in two forms. As a consumer, it is key that you understand what you are buying.


20% magnesium bisglycinate supplements


This product is buffered using magnesium oxide. This small molecule allows manufacturers to cram high volumes of magnesium into a capsule, and label it “200 mg elemental magnesium”. 


As such, each capsule contains approximately 40% magnesium oxide. This is not pure magnesium bisglycinate.


According to a number of studies, the human body only absorbs around 4% of magnesium oxide; the rest (96%) goes through your body unused.


 While this can be considered misleading, it is common practice in product labeling. 


10-15% magnesium bisglycinate


10-14% is a pure form of magnesium bisglycinate. Due to the natural discrepancy which exists with raw materials in nature, there is a 4% range of difference in the purity of a product. At Calm Natural, we average the purity of our product at 12%. 

Size 00 Capsules (like we use) can only fit 80mg of pure magnesium bisglycinate (a combination of magnesium and glycine). Companies that claim to contain “elemental magnesium” can legally state that, because they buffer their product with magnesium oxide.


Companies that state that their capsules have more than 80mg of elemental magnesium probably use a bigger size capsule. 


A product of good value is the purest form of magnesium bisglycinate you can afford in a capsule size that you can manage. Choose a product that works for people like you. Choose PrizMAG





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