Magnesium and Sleep: Keep your Immune System Strong with a Great Night's Sleep


Exercise, nutrition, and SLEEP – the three pillars of health. Unfortunately, while many people prioritize exercise and nutrition, they neglect their sleep. This is often because sleep can be hard to control. For this reason, it's a good idea to take supplements like magnesium for sleep.

During the coronavirus quarantine, many people have asked us how they can improve their sleep.  The stress of COVID-19 is causing many people sleep disturbances due to stress and people are realizing more than ever why they need to keep their immune system strong.

There are a lot of adverse side effects to sleep deprivation, but studies show that those who lack quality sleep or do not sleep enough hours are more likely to be sick after virus exposure.

Your immune system activates when you sleep and releases cytokines which are protective immune proteins.  When you are stressed, or fighting an infection or virus, sleep deprivation will decrease these protective immune proteins, leaving you more susceptible to getting sick.  In addition to lack of cytokines, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are also reduced when you don’t sleep enough.

In order to protect yourself against viruses and keep your body strong to fight off infection, it is important to get sufficient, restorative sleep every night.  You can strengthen your immune system and make your body stronger just by prioritizing your sleep.

So how can you help your body sleep better?  We recommend a quality magnesium supplement for sleep.  Although any well-absorbed magnesium supplement can help, many people find that magnesium bisglycinate (also known as glycine magnesium) helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep all night and therefore encourages your immune system to work hard all night.

PrizMAG, is a pure magnesium bisglycinate capsule.  It doesn’t contain any fillers, and is amazing for people looking to increase both the quality of their sleeping patters and also the number of hours they sleep.  Not only does it help the immune system work harder, but it can also has an important role in immune regulation as it helps to active  white blood cells like macrophages which then helps them remove foreign bodies at sites of infection. 

PrizMAG pure magnesium bisglycinate consists of two glycine amino acids and one magnesium molecule. Combined, these two a perfect combination to give you quality sleep.  Not only will it help you you sleep deeper but you will fall asleep faster which then allows you to feel more rested throughout the day.  This is because magnesium and glycine both have sleep-inducing properties.  In addition, glycine has also been shown to improve immune regulation.

Known as 'nature's tranquiliser,' magnesium has a calming and relaxing effect on the body.  If you have any stress or tension in your life, a magnesium supplement for sleep could be just what you need to help calm your stressed body and mind.

As for glycine, it is proven to aid in sleep: in one study, three grams of glycine or a placebo was given to volunteers who complained of sleep problems.  Upon waking, the participants that took glycine reported significant sleep improvements, including more liveliness, less fatigue, and greater mental clarity.

Another study was done with 10 healthy males who had no sleep complaints.  Their sleep quality at an average of 7.3 hours in bed was evaluated. They were then either given a placebo or three grams of glycine.  For three consecutive nights, their sleep time was reduced to 5.5 hours.  The results of the study were as follows: When sleep was restricted, glycine was shown to give significant improvements in fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and daytime performance.

If you are looking for a magnesium supplement for sleep, four capsules of PrizMAG will give you almost your whole RDA of magnesium in addition to the three grams of glycine tested in the study.  During a stressful time like COVID-19, our body’s require greater amounts of magnesium in order to remain calm, sleep well and strengthen our immune system.  PrizMAG pure magnesium bisglycinate is a great choice for improved sleep and strengthened immunity.


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