Magnesium Powder

magnesium powder

Magnesium Powder: A Natural Calming Drink

Look younger, feel calmer, enjoy life!

Magnesium powder is hailed by many as an elixir of life, which (at optimal intakes) has the potential to stave off disease and the process of ageing. 

Your body requires magnesium to perform around 1,000 different chemical processes, or 80% of bodily functions. From optimal calcium absorption to regulating the twitch and relax function of your muscles, our bodies need magnesium. 

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, yet no blood test will ever find sufficient magnesium levels, which is why it is often hard to detect magnesium deficiency. While our bones contain around 50% of the magnesium in our bodies, and our organs another 49%, our blood serum contains only around 1% magnesium. When our blood serum is magnesium deficient, our bodies will take magnesium from the bones and muscles. 

We no longer sell Natural Calm Magnesium powder, but please try our number 1 best selling magnesium powder MAG365. Our MAG365 calming magnesium powder will provide the natural calm you need. 

Ionic Magnesium Powder Supplements

High quality ionic magnesium citrate supplements help use up surplus calcium by dissolving the calcium deposits gradually. Several symptoms of magnesium deficiency are relieved by this process. Optimal magnesium levels can help prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Renowned for its relaxing properties, magnesium has been shown to reduce stress, which contributes to anxiety, heart disease and high blood pressure. Magnesium powder is a natural solution to insomnia relief which helps to reduce restless leg syndrome, muscle stiffness, cramps and spasms that can interrupt a good night’s sleep. 

Is magnesium powder expensive? It’s not even nearly as expensive as poor health. Magnesium powder is probably one of the most important supplements you will ever use as it contributes to eighty percent of the body’s processes.

Invest in your health by ordering your MAG365 magnesium powder today. 

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