Exercise - A Natural Sleep Aid

Exercise - A Natural Sleep Aid

If your body has enough magnesium because you use a magnesium supplement such as MAG365 but you are STILL still suffering with insomnia then this article may be for you. Why do you ask? Because we are going to give you the ins and outs of why exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of mild sleep disorders. Think about it, taking care of insomnia without ever needing to walk into one of those crazy clinics. You have now hit the jackpot.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, let's talk for a minute about what exactly insomnia is, we don’t want you walking around thinking exercise is a great cure for gangrene now do we!!! insomnia in a nut shell (I once took a 2 credit course on insomnia so understand that when I say nut shell its an over statement) is when a person cant fall asleep, cant stay asleep or even if the first two occur doesn’t wake up feeling refreshed. Now while insomnia isn’t a disease peers, don’t take that to understand that it isn’t important. It might be a symptom, but it’s a symptom to some pretty critical stuff. First of all it might be because of some sort of physical ailment, it might be because of stress or excess of alcohol drinking during the evening hours. Really, any emotional problem might cause symptoms of insomnia; really it’s almost anything that you can think of!!! On the most part though, insomnia is linked to the emotions related to stress. if your suffering from anxiety, nervousness, depression, fear and other restlessness inducing emotions, then it will be hard to concentrate on sleeping (when your anxious for a final, or when your wondering if your phone and gas will be cut off tomorrow, is sleeping really what your mind is trying to wrap itself around?).

Now just some demographics to make you feel like you’re a part of a community, sleep disorders and insomnia especially occur among all ages. They range from super young to 'you were my grandmothers nanny, why are you still around'. Some where around 10% of adults suffer from something they experience as insomnia, and of these all of the cases are chronic. But even more astounding, about 50% of adults feel that they are suffering from insomnia but in clinical testing we find that they are not (their sleep cycles are normal). What happens is that with age you need and experience less and less sleep. But for those of us who cling to the wonders of youth and 15 hours nap between breakfasts, 5-6 hours just isn’t enough. The part of sleep that gets shorter by the way is REM, the part of sleep where you dream and do the most resting, that’s why the body might be less rested in the mornings, but it’s still normal considering the age group.

Now for some reason it’s those that suffer from insomnia that want to cure it the most. And the sad part about that is that it’s the elderly, the geriatric, the old that suffer insomnia the most. Why is this sad? because the pills only really work for a short time, because they have side effects that are never good but all the more so when dealing with someone that just had a hip replaced, and because for people living off of social security another prescription and another bill is the last thing they need (they might decide that insomnia is the last thing they need but that is up to them, objectively, you know I’m right).

Now let’s get back to the reason you tofu eating, garlic taking, water drinking wakes are here in the first place, exercise. The reason this is so good for insomnia is that it actually give the body a reason to want to go to sleep instead of just forcing it with pills. the down side (you know that if you don’t eat beef you need supplements for the rest of your life so don’t act surprised) is that if you do it to close to sleep then your body will only end up more aroused then before and whatever dream you might have had about a good nights sleep will fly away. so what this means is that you have to plan your days in advance in order to give you a couple of good hours before bed time, but I don’t predict that this is a problem, you probably own a day planner you pencil your yoga instructor into anyway.

But there is another even cooler reason that exercise helps with sleep. Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s very one 'happy pill'. Now the reason this is good is because as we said stress is one of the main reasons insomnia happens in the first place. So if we find a way to get rid of the stress, anxiety and depression, we have in essence cured your insomnia. And what a better way to get rid of such awful things then to give them the all natural "happy pill". You will end up going to sleep happy, and actually tired. It’s a win situation don’t you think?

And there is one more reason exercise is wonderful, but it isn’t really exercised, its what comes around it. The person that makes sure to exercise every day is the person that understands that structure is good for the body. No matter what every day at so and so time I run out the door in my jogging shoes. The reason this is good for insomniacs is because if you train the body to go to sleep and wake up every day at the same time, it will well, learn to do this. But you have to keep it going even on the weekends, which mean that it’s up to you to decide the priorities in your life. Now every person has their own ideal sleep pattern and it might change with age, just make sure that you’re as constant as possible and that you’re true to what your body needs.

So to sum up, I might be giving you a hard time about the fact that you’re looking for a way to treat a chronic problem without pills, but the fact is I’m writing this for a reason. I believe in it. So if you have an insomnia problem, and sufficient magnesium in your body, let me tell you that exercise is better than any pill, and it’s cheaper too. 

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