Magnesium and Immunity

Magnesium and Immunity

Give your Immune System a boost with Magnesium Supplements

Did you know magnesium and immunity can play a role in how your body deals with COVID-19?

Most of us have experienced a lot of upheaval over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are concerned about loved ones contracting this virus and to top it off, we have been quarantined, over-stressed and worried about keeping our immune systems healthy.

Many of us have had to examine our priorities during COVID-19 and for many, health has become high on the list. This novel coronavirus has shown us just how important a strong immune system is and just how vulnerable we really are.

Magnesium is vital for over-all health and immunity, but unfortunately, it is often overlooked.  In fact, there has already been a study done suggesting that optimal magnesium levels are important in combating COVID-19. This comes as no surprise as 80% of our body's enzymatic processes require magnesium to function properly.

How will magnesium help keep your immune system strong?   Besides being anti-inflammatory, magnesium helps modulate the immune system, directing it to create antibodies that protect us from bacterial, microbial and most importantly, viral attacks.  Moreover, the thymus gland is pivotal to immune system health and magnesium deficiency has been show to accelerate "thymus involution" which is the natural shrinking of the thymus as we age.

Magnesium is also important for lung function and reduced risk of airway hyper-reactivity.  Given that COVID-19 manifests itself in the lungs, lung health should be something we are all focusing on.  Magnesium helps to expand the airways and helps the bronchial muscles to relax, thereby helping air flow in and out of the lungs.  It's no surprise that magnesium is often use in the treatment of respiratory distress.

During a crisis like this novel coronavirus, many of us feel stressed and experience sleep disturbances.  This in turn lowers our immunity.  If we don't have sufficient magnesium, it is harder for us to handle stress yet when we are stressed, our bodies use up more magnesium.  This in turn creates a vicious cycle that rarely can be broken without a quality magnesium supplement.  In addition, magnesium relaxes our nervous system so it is a must have during a stressful situation such as COVID-19.  It is a well known fact that stress and illness go hand in hand so it's very important to keep your stress levels managed during times such as these.

The stress that people are feeling during this time often causes them to lie awake at night and therefore wake up without feeling rested.  Studies show that people who don't sleep enough are more likely to become sick once exposed to a virus AND take longer to recover.  While we sleep, our immune system works hard to produce cytokines which are vital for reducing inflammation and fighting infection.  It is during sleep that the antibodies that fight infection work their hardest so reduction in quality of sleep is a big concern when we are trying to keep our immune system strong.  Studies have long linked magnesium's role in helping the body sleep better and a quality magnesium supplement is imperative at this time. 

Magnesium is foundational in our bodies and it is impossible to reach full health if you are experiencing a magnesium deficiency.  Given that stress uses up magnesium and our soil lacks the levels of magnesium that it once did, it is imperative to supplement with a high quality magnesium supplement in order to keep our body strong during this pandemic.  Try MAG365 ionic magnesium citrate or PrizMAG pure magnesium bisglycinate - you won't be sorry!


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